We succeed through our people. Partner Software provides our clients with genuine solutions that are based on the adoption of the latest technology for business advantages, protected investment and reduced running costs. Our diversified skill sets are the key to our success that ensures effective delivery of our services.
Technical Platform

Our focus areas including:

  • Web Applications on both Java platform and Microsoft platform

  •  Client/Server Applications on .Net platform

Experience tells us that no end-user can tell you exactly what they want at the beginning of the project. Similarly, no end-user will not change their mind as the project moves on. Partner Software adopts an evolutionary prototyping approach and commits to a 4-phase user acceptance approach to ensure that the development best meets the functional and operational requirements of the user:
  • Phase 1 : Prototype Acceptance

  • Phase 2 : Interim Acceptance

  • Phase 3 : Total System Acceptance

  • Phase 4 : Final System Acceptance

Experience and Industry Covered
Partner Software Limited delivered solutions to industries of: Banking, Financial Institutions, Public Section/Utilities, Travel Service & Transportation, Import and Export, Wholesale and Trading.