Dah Sing Bank established its own programming team in the Application Resources Centre of Partner Software Ltd. In ShenZhen utilizing "Virtual Team" model

Dah Sing Bank(DSB), being one of the leading local banks in Hong Kong, was well visionary in 15 months ago to face the IT challenge by relocating a programming team to ShenZhen, PRC. Partner Software Ltd(PSL) was chosen to be their partner to build a remote team in the Application Resources Centre in ShenZhen. Today, DSB saves over 30% IT staff cost and enhances its IT Division with comprehensive skill sets.

With over 100 employees in the IT Division of their Hong Kong headquarter, IT staffing issue has always been a major concern for DSB. Hong Kong being a place where IT professionals receive on average the highest salary in Asia Pacific, has a higher IT staff turnover than its notional average. The Bank has also suffered shortage of IT professionals with obsolete technology skill set such as COBOL over the years. The senior management of DSB chose a field where the only constant is change.

Dah Sing Bank Selected "Virtual Team" Model

The "Virtual Team" model of Partner Software Ltd. was deliberately selected because of its proven methodology and recognized leadership. DSB was introduced a dedicated team of 10 programmers in an enclosed office at the PSL's Application Resources Centre in ShenZhen, where system infrastructure, communication, administrative support and available IT professionals were all ready. With consulting from PSL, the team has eventually become an integral part of DSB's IT Division in Hong Kong. DSB not only leveraged the hugh IT talents pool in China, but also saved a significant amount of staff cost, while its employees in Hong Kong can put much effort on system inplementation, quality assurance, etc.

Besides concerning the strategic long-term arrangement, DSB is now applying for the "Admission of Talents Scheme" to transfer some of the best members of the "Virtual Team" to Hong Kong. Instead of hiring personnal agency, DSB found that this is a far smarter and more effective way to make the best use of the Scheme. "Virtual Team model is the best channel to introduce IT talents of PRC to Hong Kong", said Philip Cheung, System Development Manager of IT Diviaion of DSB, "because it offers secured IT resources, and proven professionals with demonstrated abilities, who do not have to adapt to new working practice and colleagues.