coorperate1.JPG (8447 bytes)One of the unique services of Partner Software that revolutionizes the IT industry is to build a "Virtual Team" of programmers for clients in our resources center in PRC to become an integral part of the client's IT department. Our professional staff members have been well-trained by education in IT field, and prossess business knowledge through on-the-job professional development programs.

By prescribing the size and skill-set of the programming team, our clients get their programming jobs done, without the need to manage. Partner Software takes care of day-to-day administration and also enforces on behalf of our clients their internal procedures, company standards and quality control. The benefits of our Virtual Team of Programmers are :


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Since our clients are fully in charge of the virtual team like their own staff, our clients get total control of the virtual team and the development schedule, without concerning the administration of IT staff.


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Partner Software ensures the continuity of the virtual team. Team members are assigned on a permanent basis, for the same duration of the service contract. Therefore, business knowledge of the team can be retained and built up over time. Partner Software further warrants that the technical expertise of team members are up-to-date through a professional development scheme.


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Since the virtual team is independent of the client organisations, fluctuating staffing demand can be easily accommodated without burdening the permanent establishment. New computer projects can be delivered at an accelerated pace to satisfy business plans and management directives.


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To address the confidentiality issue of our clients, the office of Partner Software is designed to offer exclusive accommodation for each client with secure access for the virtual programming team.


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Partner software offers Resource On Demandarrangement by maintaining a central pool of programmers for short team secondment. By using this pool of programmers, clients can plan the size of its virtual team to a minimum, and draw central resources to meet the workload demand at peak and unplanned resources requirements.

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To take advantage of low development cost across the border in the mainland China, Partner Software has established a resource centre in Shenzhen. Clients could save up to 40% of development cost if programming works are conducted in Shenzhen.

Why Virtual Team in ShenZhen, PRC?