We believe that the success of outsourcing arrangement depends on the quality of the delivered system. Partner Software is practising a proven system quality assurance (SQA) model which can be characterised by the following :
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A dedicated testing team is assigned for each project from the beginning of the project and until the delivery of the system to ensure that the quality of the developed programs are assessed independently and on a continuous basis.
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Triangle.jpg (4369 bytes)The total system is divided into smaller units that can be completed in a few days. Integrated test will be conducted once a programming unit is completed. This arrangement will allow the project manager to monitor the output of the programming team on a weekly basis, if not daily. Any quality issue can be discovered well in advance to ensure that the project schedule is met.
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Experience tells us that no end-user can tell you exactly what they want at the beginning of the project. Similar no end-user will not change their mind as the project moves on. In fact, both the end-user and the system development team is learning from each other during a computerisation project. End-user is learning computerisation while the development team is learning business process. Partner Software adopts an evolutionary prototyping approach and commits to a 4-phase user acceptance approach to ensure that the development best meets the functional and operational requirements of the user.
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Phase 1 : Prototype Acceptance

A prototype that emphasizes on user interface will be developed in conjunction with users to confirm the look and feel of the future system.

Phase 2 : Interim Acceptance

The prototype accepted in the previous stage will be further enhanced with database connection and other required features. Users will confirm the functional and operational flow of the system.

Phase 3 : Total System Acceptance

The total system that complies with all specified requirements will be delivered for user acceptance.

Phase 4 : Final System Acceptance

In the case of any program bug and non-compliance, they will be documented in a system variation notice. The system will be modified and delivered for final acceptance usually within 2 weeks.

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