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Founded by Ringo Chan, Partner Software brings to our clients the latest expertise in software development that best fit our clientกฏs organisational and business plans. Our clients can immediately benefit from competitive edges ahead of the market without the hardship to deal with challenges from fast changing technology externally, and from budgeting and staffing constraints internally.
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Competing companies are using information technology as a battleground. Emerging and fast changing technology are means to achieve competitive edges but are certainly not easy to manage. In-house IT capacity has the initiative but may not have the spare capacity. Finding a technology partner and beating the time is the key to win the technology race. Outsource today and Partner Software is here to offer a complete solution.
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Outsourcing services offered by Partner Software is highly flexible. The objective of our services is to free in-house IT departments from unnecessary engineering works. We fill in the gaps where it is not cost-effective to occupy the scarce in-house resources. IT departments would be able to focus on business issues, making itself an in-house IT consultant to better utilize IT to improve business performance.

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