A key to maximize return and minimize risk of our customers is to help our customers to improve user satisfaction, to reduce project delay and risk, and to protect project budget and investment. The Software Testing Service Group of Partner Software offer complete range of software testing and quality assurance services to make this happen.

The Software Testing Service Group consists of a well-recognized Testing Base in Guangzhou and a Client Service Team in Hong Kong.  The Testing Base is accredited nationally and internationally and equipped with software testing environment valued over US$2.5M. Supported by our matured software testing methodology, our solid experiences and our proven references of success, we offer full range of software testing and QA services.

Certification and Accreditation

Our Testing Base is the mostly accredited national laboratory in China:

  • Certified Laboratory by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories;

  • Contracted Laboratory for China Compulsory Certification;

  • Quality Surveillance and Inspection Centre for General Electronic Components of the Ministry of Information Industry;

  • National Inspection Organization for Scientific Achievements of China;

  • Certified Software Product Quality Surveillance Test Centre for Guangdong Province;

  • National Metrology Accreditation Certificated Laboratory; etc

We also well accredited by International Institutions including IEC IECEE, FCC, SIQ, Underwriters Laboratories Inc; etc


Software Testing Environment Valued Over US$2.5M

Our Testing Base equipped with over US$2.5M of software testing environment, including

  • Complete Set of Rational Suite

    • TestStudio, TestManager, RequisitePro, Rose, Soda, PureCoverage, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Robot, VisualTest, TestFactory, Quantify, UnifiedProcess, Purify

  • Application Life Cycle Management Tools

    • McCabe IQ

  • Application Development, Debugging, Testing and Tuning Tools

    • DevPartner Studio, Cantata++, PolySpace

  • Code Analyzer and Embedded Software Development Test Tools

    • QA C, QA C++, CodeTest; TestBed

  • Load Test Tools

    • LoadRunner

  • Reliability Test Tools & Quality Assurance Software Testing Tools

    • ITEM ToolKit, Frestimate, Logiscope

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools

    • BpWin, ErWin, Model Mart, STAGE


Matured Software Testing Methodology

We have implemented a matured methodology for the Software Testing Life Cycle based on International Standards.

Comprehensive software testing process has been defined

  • To cover and fulfil the software quality characteristics defined in GB/T16260:1996 & ISO/IEC TR 9126

  • To measure the software quality metrics defined in
    ISO 9126-2,3,4

  • To fulfil the ISO/IEC 12119:1994 standard on Software Package Quality Requirements Testing

Our test planning, specification and reporting documents fully compliant with the IEEE829 Software Test Documentation Standard with comprehensive document templates developed.


Solid Software Testing and QA Experiences

We have solid software testing and QA experiences in the following industries and applications.

Government Systems and Applications

  • e-Government, Automation and Digitization Infrastructure;

  • Social Security Systems; Police Systems; Hospital Systems;

  • Military Systems; Spacecraft Systems; etc

Utility Systems and Applications

  • Aviation Management Systems;

  • Roadway Auto-toll, Monitoring and Information Systems;

  • Power Plant Systems; Telecom System and Equipment; etc

Education Systems and Applications

  • University Smart Card Systems;

  • Examination Registration and Management Systems; etc

Technology Systems and Applications

  • Office Automation Systems; Electronic Appliance Embedded Systems;

  • Network Management and Monitoring Systems;

  • Software Development and Management Systems; etc

We also have solid software testing experiences on different software infrastructures, including

  • Web Applications

  • Client / Server Applications

  • Telecommunication Applications

  • Embedded Applications

  • Mainframe Applications


References of Success

We have served large range of organizations including.

Guangdong Province Government Departments

  • Labour & Social Security Department;

  • Information Industry Department;

  • Communication Department;

  • Waterway Bureau;

  • Government Information Centre; etc

Other Government Departments

  • Ministry of Information Industry;

  • Fujian Province Information Industry Department;

  • Foshan City Government;

  • Guangzhou City Government Information Centre;

  • Shaoguan City Government Information Centre; etc

Overseas Enterprises

  • Saab Automobile AB (Sweden);

  • Q-Free's Technology (Norway); etc

Local Enterprises

  • Excellence Network Ltd (Guangzhou);

  • Guangzhou University (Guangzhou);

  • Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Shenzhen);

  • Neusoft Group Ltd (Shenyang);

  • Kompass International Neuenschwander (Chongqing);

  • TongTech Co (Beijing);

  • Huicui Electric Power Technology Ltd (Hunan); etc


Our Service Offering

We offer full range of Software Testing and QA Services.

On-site and Off-site Software Test Services

  • Code Reviews

  • System Reviews

  • Functional Tests

  • System Integration / Regression Tests

  • Software Quality Control Acceptance Tests

  • Software Loading and Capacity Tests

  • Software/System Reliability Tests

  • Software Usability Tests

Third Party Software Test Services

  • 3rd Party Project Management and Surveillance for Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Product/Project Acceptance Testing and Certification

  • Product Registration Certification (for software product registration in China)

Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Quality Assurance and Test Methodology / Process Review, Consulting and Training

  • Test Standards Consulting, Training and Certification

  • Test Requirement Analysis and Design

  • In-house Quality Assurance / Test Team Development

  • Software Test Centre Setup (Build-Operate-Transfer)