Why Outsourcing?
  • 70% cost saving on staff salary.
  • No capital investment.
  • Focus on building a more business and customer-oriented team.
  • Maintains an effective and efficient team by reducing junior programming staffs.
  • No HR issues.
  • Guarantee resources.

    Why Virtual Team?
  • Total control.
  • Hands off from HR management and recruitment process.
  • Flexible resources pool on demand.
  • Retains skill sets and business knowledge.
  • Controlled security.

    Why Partner Software?
  • Extensive experience(over 20 years) in IT development management and building quality team.
  • Guarantee to provide some of the best talents in China.
  • Proven track record on delivering Virtual Team services to clients e.g.:
        - Dah Sing Bank
        - Hong Kong Housing Society
        - Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
        - Intertek
  • Offers clients option to transfer the whole team to in-house, upon demand.
  • Online project management for effective remote monitoring.

    Why PRC?
  • Rated the second most cost-effective IT professionals among Asian countries after India.
  • Productivity equivalent to over 80% of the IT professionals in Hong Kong, according to the appraisal given by existing clients of Partner Software.
  • Close to Hong Kong.
  • Large resource pool of relevant skill sets.
  • Acquisition of Chinese experience on both business and cultural environments.

    Why ShenZhen?
  • One of the two talents hubs in China - Shenzhen, Shanghai.
  • Convenient location - within 10 minutes transportation from Lowu.
  • Advanced infrastructure.
  • Local mobile communication - no IDD required.
  • Ease to manage - less personal issues of staff members.

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